Welcome to my blog

I hope to write much more, so keep checking back.


6 responses to “Welcome to my blog

    • Yes, when I finally get spare time, I’m going to start writing again, since I’ve enjoyed reading yours. But for now I’ll just leave a nice picture of mountains and a link to your blog on my page. 🙂

  1. I’ve been checking every day. I’m waiting…

    • Thanks Matt! But unfortunately I don’t believe you. I think you only just checked it this morning. And lying is not at all beneficent.

      • But I’m doing it for the greater good of the potential readers. It’s totally beneficent. And since I’m being blatant about it, I’m respecting your autonomy. Then again, since I’m checking in again, does that mean I’m not lying? I guess we better do a Bayseian Analysis…

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