Med school year 2 to date–as a list!

Highlights so far:

– We start preceptorships with clinicians in a few weeks!
– I’m taking a “Critical Care Medicine” elective that’s almost as exciting as a preceptorship.
– My classes are very interesting, and they seem more relevant to patient care than much of the material last year.
– This most recent weekend with my wife–sometimes we just have a lot of fun together.

Low-lights so far (whatever that means):

– I still seem to be perpetually behind–I guess that’s just a fact of life in medical school.
– The classes are far more interesting and relevant, which means I feel a lot more pressure to do well in them, which means I’m working a lot harder.

In fact, I’d better go study, being as I’m behind and my classes are important…


What do you think?

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