Post-Test Party Time!!! (Except for an Unhappy Wife)

Being a second-year student, I’m not nearly cool enough ever to be “post-call”. I am, however, cool enough to be post-test, and every third Monday, I party like a rock star after my test is over at 4pm. (Today “partying like a rock star” = writing this blog post.)

The only problem is that my wife usually doesn’t feel like partying like a rock star. Go figure. Why someone wouldn’t want to stay up late and party after one full day of work, and with four full days of work still to follow, is completely beyond me.

Today my wife came home to find me gleefully doing nothing, but she’d had a very bad day. In fact, her day had been so very bad that she was in a very bad mood, and all the pet names, jokes, stories, and conversations I could think of couldn’t cheer her up. We ate dinner without talking about much of anything, and she went to bed after reading a bit of her book.

Sometimes, my wife and I find that our moods are incongruous. Perhaps I’m stressed and she’s relaxed, or maybe she wants a serious conversation and I just want to watch TV. The strange thing is that her mood markedly affects my mood. If she’s sad, I usually end up being a bit more sad than I was before. This is true even if she’s sad about something I have no emotional attachment to. I am emotionally attached to her, and I can’t be happy knowing she’s unhappy. My wife and I share a lot of things, and to a certain extent, we even share our emotions.

Thankfully, my wife is a very positive person (except for the occasional bad day), and I spend most of my life getting a little bit happier when I’m around her.


One response to “Post-Test Party Time!!! (Except for an Unhappy Wife)

  1. Ben, if I’m ever a husband, I hope I’m as good at is you are. I love you man.

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