Praise Jesus!

We should be praising God. God deserves our praise. He created everything you see; He gave you every good thing you have.

Instead of praising God, we often do things that are shameful, things we regret. But God has mercy, and He sees us as if we’ve done nothing wrong. If you’re a redeemed murderer, God sees you as if you were an infant.

He stills our souls in a way nothing else can.

Have you ever been in a church during prayer? People scatter about when they enter church; they chatter with their friends; they shuffle around in their seats. The whole sanctuary is full of noise and movement–but when the pastor prays, the rows upon rows of people are silent. Heads are bowed. No one moves. It happens in every country around the world each Sunday morning–He calms the people like He calms the waves.

He calms the rain that falls on our farmer’s fields–thousands of miles of crops. Oranges, broccoli, apples, wheat, bell peppers, lettuce–all with leaves blowing in the breeze, soaking up the sunshine of providence. We harvest it all in a cavalier style, piling it into trucks that rumble down dusty roads, leaking corn as they head to the cities. It ends up in our grocery stores and spills into the aisles. People look through piles of veggies and pick out what they like, and they go home with bags of food.

Even the wilderness is full of verdant beauty. Winds howl over mountain peaks and rustle wildflowers in the fields, barely nudging the near-endless forests of swaying pines. We visit on vacation, we plaster pictures of it on our computers, on our walls. The images of beauty are burned into our minds–everyone can picture a quiet island, an ocean, a mountain, a forest. We think of them sometimes, and they are a cathedral in our minds–a structure built to praise the Lord, that we can recall any time we please.

Shouldn’t we be praising God?

[This is a meditation on Psalm 65.]


What do you think?

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