“All that is gold does not glitter”

The first nine chapters of Chronicles are boring.

These chapters are all genealogies. There are a few details about various people’s vocations, or where they lived, or what happened to them during their lifetimes, but for the most part these chapters tiredly recite who was the son of whom.

But my life is at least as boring as Chronicles. I was born, I’ll hopefully have children. I’ll live somewhere and do something, and then I’ll die. But the first nine chapters of Chronicles assure me that these kinds of things matter. God works through ordinary people doing ordinary things, and in Scripture He has recorded His work in people’s lives for all of us to see.

There in Scripture is a march of names, some who served the Lord and some who didn’t, but all of whom displayed His glory. God’s will was done in spite of the people who opposed Him, and His will was done through those people who submitted to Him. God worked through each life, through their relationships, activities, and conversations. He can work through my life too, if I submit everything, boring as any of it may seem, to Him. The same is true for you.


What do you think?

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