About Me

In large part, I make sense of things by thinking about God–I’m no theologian, but God is a big part of what I write here. If you read much of my blog, you’ll see that I’m not much of a writer either, but writing also helps me make sense of things.

What do I need to make sense of?

I’m a Christian, a husband, and a fourth-year medical student. This blog is, perhaps unfortunately, about me. I am not a sufficiently talented writer or an adequately prolific thinker to write about anything else. If you’re interested in God, marriage, or medical school, you might–BIG might–find a few of my posts interesting. I doubt that my writing can help you make sense of your life (or of anything else, really), but I’m fully confident that knowing God will help you make sense of your life.

Here’s a bio if you’re curious:

I grew up moving with my family back and forth between a few states in the western US. These are some beautiful places–hence my header picture. During high school, I became a Christian, partly thanks to the “far greater cathedral” of teeming woods and windswept peaks that were nearby. I can’t imagine living without knowing God, and I hope some of my blog posts might help you know God–you will never find anything more satisfying than a relationship with our Father.

When I graduated high school, I thought I wanted to go somewhere different for college. I went far from home to a college near a major city. I met my wife in college, and we dated, more or less steadily, until I graduated. I had majored in physics, but I found I couldn’t get a job with only a bachelor’s.

During this time my wife and I married. How did we support ourselves? Well, I worked in the food industry while she worked a much better job that required her to wear a pretty little suit each day. (I know what you’re thinking. And yes, she is smarter and more charming than me.)

Medical School:
We were very happy, and I may have started a career if I could have found a job. In college I had completed the pre-requisites for medical school, so I applied. Happily, I was admitted (by the skin of my teeth–at least that’s how I felt) and here I am, in my third year. I’m hoping to practice primary care, perhaps in a rural area. I’d also like to devote a significant part of my time to missions work or service of some kind.

If you want to email me, I’d love to hear from you at bensnotesblog@gmail.com

[Please note that anything I write on this website is my opinion alone, and does not represent any organization with which I’m affiliated. Any patients I happen to write about are not real patients, but rather are composites of people, patients, and friends I’ve had–my essays about patients communicate my feelings and experiences, not anything about any particular patients I may have encountered.]

All Scripture quotations from March, 2011, onward are from the ESV unless otherwise noted. I believe that most Scripture quotations before then are also from the ESV, but I wasn’t diligent in tracking what translation I was using at that time.


What do you think?

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